Despite my great appreciation for Jamendo, there is still bit of music I like that you can not get under a Creative Commons license. Usually when looking for this music, I turn to the Amazon mp3 store, which uses a proprietary downloader whenever you buy a whole album. Fortunately this downloader has supported Linux for some time now, and I was fine using it on my 32 bit desktop. But, having finally gotten around to switching my desktop to 64 bit, I discovered that the downloader no longer worked, and would require me to install all the required 32 bit libraries manually. A little research turned up a program I had never heard of before, called clamz. Furthermore, it was already included within Portage, although it was masked. With the addition of the package to the portage.keywords file I was able to install it and shortly set it to downloading a free sampler I had come across.

While I am sure many would lament the lack of a gui and some other polished options that the official downloader has, I personally am happy to see a Amazon downloader that allows 64 bit operating systems to take advantage of the music store without installing 32 bit libraries.