For some reason, Fedora comes with vim, but calls vi, even though it is the full vim program rather than the older vi.

Given that the other systems that I have use the standard name for vim (you know, calling vim vim instead of vi. So, the only good solution was to alias the command vim to call vi.

The command for that is alias your_command_name="original_command_name".

Within the quotes can go any command, or even a series of commands.

The problems is, this alias that’s just been created only lasts until you log back out.

To make the new alias persistent, you must edit the .bashrc file or the .bash_profile file. There you should see a line that reads # User specific environment and startup programs.

Underneath that line, simply put the same command you entered before into the command line to make the alias permanent.

At this point, you probably will need to log out and then back in, although supposedly you can enter the command source ~/.bash_profile. However, I have not successfully gotten the source command to load the new alias, and have had to log out instead.