Version Control with Git is pretty much what you would expect, a book all about using Git as a version control system.

This book is written to be picked up by a developer entirely unfamiliar with Git, and as such starts out by explaining how to install Git in Linux or Windows. It then moves on to talking about how to do basic version control actions in Git, and from there on through pretty much all of Git’s features you’d ever want to know. This includes working with remote repositories, and has a chapter devoted to working with Github. It even talks about interfacing Git with SVN (as well as converting from SVN to Git).

What differentiates this book from a tutorial, or just looking up specific Git functionality, is its explanation of what happens under the hood. Though you may not remember every command Git has to offer after reading this book (there are a lot), after reading it you should have a better idea of how to actually use Git, and even how to setup your own repository and start using it as a part of your everyday development.

Version Control with Git can be found at O’Reilly:

Ebook Note: I read this in the Mobi format on my Kindle, and found that it was well formatted for the Kindle.