One of the nicest aspects of having a smart phone is the easy access to the Internet that it can provide for you almost anywhere you go. No more hoping that a coffee shop has WiFi or having to wait to look up the answer to that nagging question up until you get home.

That being said, the screen is tiny. Due to the scale of the device, many web applications that you normally would access through a browser simple are unusable on the phone’s browser, making applications that access the web application’s API neccessary, like the Gchat application.

One such application is the Drupal Editor application. It hooks into a Drupal installation, so long as the Blog API module is enabled, and greatly streamlines the whole bussiness of posting an entry from a phone, making it easy to type the story, cache it locally, enter a term for the story and insert some of the more common tags.

However, Drupal Editor does leave some things to be desired. Most irrating to me so far is the fact it only allows me to give a post a single taxamony tag, although this problem is closely followed by the lack of an integrated spell checker - effectively forcing me to open the post up in a browser to edit and add terms before I publish. These problems are exacerbated by the not infrequent errors that Drupal Editor encounters, which prevent me from saving the post to my site, even as a draft (thank goodness it saves it locally). This all adds up to Drupal Editor being a stop-gap solution until I find (or learn enough to create) a better editor.