Over the past year and a half, I’ve built a couple of websites using Jekyll, a tool to generate static sites from Markdown. Since building a static site avoids the security issue that comes with CMS/blogging platforms by moving the page generation code off of the Internet, I was inclined to migrate my site away from Drupal and onto Jekyll. To that end, over the past few weeks I have created a new site based off of Bootstrap, and migrated almost all of the old content from Drupal into Jekyll - a process which I intend to write more about later (especially since it relied upon custom code to import from Drupal).

Suffice to say, all of the posts that were published on Drupal are now available on the new site, as are all the non-spam comments - though new comments are not currently accepted. Some images have been lost due to conversion from an inline image module from Drupal 6, though most were already broken before this change. More changes to formatting will come as I get time - in particular I intend to better optimize the site for mobile viewing.