A couple of weeks ago, my family decided to take advantage of the T-Mobile Father’s Day deal, which gave away any phone in the store for each line on a new family plan. The result of this being the MyTouch Slide, one of T-Mobile’s offerings, that I currently hold in my hands.

The only effect that this phone should have on my site is the occasional story about Android or an app, and the creation of a new user that will be used on this and other mobile devices, eugene_mobile (a small security measure to ensure the loss of this device, my laptop or my netbook would not compromise my site for long)

So far, I’d have to say I rather like this little phone.


Nice - Dean

Awesome dude. Does that mean we are able to communicate again, since obviously I suck at getting online?

Check your email - eugene

Check your email, I've sent you a number.