Because the number of comments that my site gets are low, I like to check each one individually. As a result, the majority of the comments are deleted, being simple spam. However, recently somebody came across my site and decided to promote a site which sells (or claims to sell) laptop bags.

Frankly I found both rather entertaining.

Both these comments were posted to a recent post regarding my hiatus.

The first one, the one on the bottom, appears to be pulled from some other book or website, and has absolutely nothing to do with the article it was posted to (although I am rather curious to know where it is from - please post in the comments if you know).

I also found it rather entertaining that the name advertises Targus bags, while the link at the end advertises Swiss gear.

The second post uses the same user name, and while I haven’t bothered to trace the IP, I think it is safe to assume both come from the same individual or organization. I think that this comment stands for itself - although I fear I’ve already lost my mannequin.

By the way, I’m not going to post anything in which the user name is attempting to sell something - or there is an unconnected link (or several links) randomly inserted into the text.