Adding to a list of gripes about Ubuntu that I already have, my laptop, running Ubuntu 64 bit, suffers from a strange problem that makes the machine hang in a very strange way - in which nothing works, but the cursor can still be moved around.

Research makes it apparent that this is a problem that occurs on some laptops, which has either to do with the graphics or the wireless card, in other words different machines seem to have the problem caused by different things (or perhaps a combination of those things, which fixing anyone of which solves).

This issue, which would on occasion force me to reboot my computer, became a serious problem when I discovered that it would force me to reboot every time I ran vim over ssh - something I need to be able to do for one of my classes.

The upshot of this is, unless I can soon fix the problem, I will be installing the current version of Fedora on my laptop (assuming when running in liveCD it doesn’t have the same problem).

UPDATE 8/21/10

After updating the Linux kernel installed on my laptop, this problem seems to have magically disappeared.

Here’s hoping that the magic holds.