A few years ago, I discovered that mounting a network drive that had a space in the name was quite tricky. The problem is, fstab neither detected the space automatically, nor when I put a backslash in front of the space would it escape the way it would in terminal.

After hours of searching, I finally discovered a method for doing it.

You still use the backslash, but instead of just typing the space you need to enter the number 040. This is the octal version of the ASCII code for a space.

The other bases may also work for this, but since the time I discovered this, I’ve never needed it again, as shortly after the drive names were fixed so they no longer had spaces.

I don’t have a list of configuration files that will accept this, it may even just be fstab. But, if you happen to be trying to get a space escaped into some Linux configuration file, this might be your solution.