Much like those odd spam emails that end up in your inbox, my comment approval queue sometimes gets comments that are made up of random letters strung together. Curiously, none of the links that are put into these are actually valid (I’m not talking I clicked on it - I’m talking I used whois to check the domain).

Now, I do understand why the text is randomly strung together like that - to confuse automated filters (I’m pretty sure at least). What I don’t get is the point of posting a spam comment that has no apparent purpose.

My theory is that what ever program is trawling the web to post these puts in the text just as a test to see if it gets through, then either posts the real payload, or notifies its operator of the site in question.

Anyone else have any theories about this phenomenon - or maybe know the real reason behind these spam comments? (Anyone else hate them as much as I do?)