As the time left on the warranty on my phone dwindled, I decided it was finally time to void it and root my phone.

This experience was best described as an ordeal, taking me a few hours, and requiring the installation of the Android SDK on my computer (as well as Java) in order to finally root it.

Obviously, there was no one-click solution for the My-Touch Slide.

However, once I had finally rooted it, and subsequently flashed it to Cyanogenmod 7, I found it to be a significant improvement over the orginial firmware on the phone.

More on rooting my phone (and old articles updated with screenshots, now that I can take them) once I’ve finished writing posts about the work I’ve done on my server.


Rooting your phone does not - Anonymous

Rooting your phone does not necessarily void the warranty....It's actually illegal for them (according to the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act of '75) to void the warranty now since it does not involve tampering with the hardware at all, so you could sue them if they denied you. Either way it's pretty easy to unroot them now too, especially if you're smart enough to install a pre-root backup in the even that you screw something up. Just saying....

Voiding Warrenties - eugene

Having skimmed over the law, I'd have to agree, rooting the phone probably couldn't void my warranty, and frankly, I know that T-Mobile has honored warranties on rooted phones. That being said, up until recently I wasn't employed, and replacing my phone when also dealing with college expenses (I'll refrain from going in on textbook publishers) simply wasn't an option. So you can imagine that, lacking the resources to replace the phone, I definitely lack the resources to contest a decision by T-Mobile not to honor the warranty. I'll definitely have to take a closer look at the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act however, having such information on hand may prove useful at some point.